Unique Mixed Hardwood Floor

The mill where we buy the majority of our wood has a product that they call “Mixed Hardwood”.  This flooring is a hodgepodge of many different types of flooring that they accumulate over time that come along with their regular species.

The owners of the mill went thru a run and counted the different species at one time, and counted around 20 different species of wood that was in that particular run.  Everything from Sassafras, Gum, Soft Maple, Osage Orange, Birch, Beech, and everything in between.

An Architect working on a project in Harrison Arkansas wanted something unique for a the home and after he and the owners saw a sample of this floor, they decided it was exactly what they wanted.   Since that time we have used it in several different floors in the area.

One thing for sure about this floor, you’ll never get the same floor twice.  So if you’re looking for something totally unique for your home, maybe Mixed Hardwood” is for you.

Click on a picture below for a slide show.

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