Hand Scraped “Heart” Hickory Floor


These are photos of a Hand Scraped “Heart Hickory” floor that we did in Texas in 2009.   Heart Hickory is hickory that has been graded out at the mill has 100% Heart wood.  It is the “brown part” of the hickory, so there is no white wood whatsoever.    In some cases, it nearly looks like walnut, but is just a bit lighter in color.  It is also very hard, even more hard that standard hickory in general, because the “heartwood” of hickory is harder than the sapwood.

In 2009, a good friend of mine who is also in the Hardwood Flooring business in Kerrville, Texas, had to have a hip replacement, and needed our help on this special 3000 Square Foot project.   We scraped this floor in our shop, hauled it to Texas, and installed and finished in a few days.   This is a special “heart” hickory, that only contains the dark wood from the hickory, none of the white wood.  It is a very hard wood, and more uniform in color than standard hickory.  This turned out to be a beautiful floor, in a beautiful home.




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