2 Rustic Hickory Projects


Rustic Hickory with a Skip-Sawn Distress

And Rustic #2 and #3 Hickory Floor in a Cabin, with Cedar Stairs

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#1 Hickory in a Rustic Home

This is a floor that we did back in 1997.  The owners of the home wanted something fairly rustic to go with their fireplace, pine wood walls and rustic cabin decor.   They decided on a 5 inch #1 Hickory which you can see here.   Hickory has a lot of colors mixed in.  Some boards are light as maple, and others are dark as walnut.  The 5 inch width, makes the floor seem a bit less “busy” and this floor was finished with just a natural clear satin finish.  We also did a set of Hickory Stairs in this home.

5 Inch #1 Natural Hickory


5 Inch #1 Natural Hickory

5 Inch #1 Natural Hickory

Hickory Stairs