New Hand-Scraped Hickory Floor




We recently installed and finished this beautiful 7 Inch hickory hand-scraped hardwood floor in a beautiful home near Gamaliel, AR, constructed by Ozark Custom Country Homes.  The floor has no stain, just a natural oil based finish to let the beauty of the wood show through.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of this one of a kind unique floor.

#1 Hickory in a Nice Home in Little Rock


Pictures of a #1 Hickory floor in a nice home in Little Rock, Arkansas

Natural Finish

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2 Rustic Hickory Projects


Rustic Hickory with a Skip-Sawn Distress

And Rustic #2 and #3 Hickory Floor in a Cabin, with Cedar Stairs

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Rustic Hickory – Ship Deck Distressed

Pictures of a Rustic Hickory Floor with a Ship Deck Distressed in Russellville, Arkansas

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Hand Scraped “Heart” Hickory Floor


These are photos of a Hand Scraped “Heart Hickory” floor that we did in Texas in 2009.   Heart Hickory is hickory that has been graded out at the mill has 100% Heart wood.  It is the “brown part” of the hickory, so there is no white wood whatsoever.    In some cases, it nearly looks like walnut, but is just a bit lighter in color.  It is also very hard, even more hard that standard hickory in general, because the “heartwood” of hickory is harder than the sapwood.

In 2009, a good friend of mine who is also in the Hardwood Flooring business in Kerrville, Texas, had to have a hip replacement, and needed our help on this special 3000 Square Foot project.   We scraped this floor in our shop, hauled it to Texas, and installed and finished in a few days.   This is a special “heart” hickory, that only contains the dark wood from the hickory, none of the white wood.  It is a very hard wood, and more uniform in color than standard hickory.  This turned out to be a beautiful floor, in a beautiful home.




Rustic Hickory Floor with Stain

6 inch Rustic Hickory Floor in a Log Cabin, stained with Nutmeg

This is a more recent floor in a log cabin over near Norfork that we did in 2009.   It’s a 6 inch rustic Hickory, solid wood floor, stained with a Nutmeg Stain.




#1 Hickory with a Walnut Border

This is a Hickory floor that we did back in 2004 for a builder in Harrison, AR.  This was a very nice home, out in the woods, and the builder wanted a “rustic” theme, so he chose a hickory floor, but wanted a border around the entire area.   You can see at the entry in the front, we bordered around a tile entry area.   This floor was one of the most unique floors that we had done at the time, and was before the hand scraped and distressed period that we are currently in.

Hickory Floor with a Walnut Border


Hickory Floor with a Walnut Border

Walnut Border Details

Hickory Floor with a Walnut Border

Hickory Floor with a Walnut Border


#1 Hickory in a Rustic Home

This is a floor that we did back in 1997.  The owners of the home wanted something fairly rustic to go with their fireplace, pine wood walls and rustic cabin decor.   They decided on a 5 inch #1 Hickory which you can see here.   Hickory has a lot of colors mixed in.  Some boards are light as maple, and others are dark as walnut.  The 5 inch width, makes the floor seem a bit less “busy” and this floor was finished with just a natural clear satin finish.  We also did a set of Hickory Stairs in this home.

5 Inch #1 Natural Hickory


5 Inch #1 Natural Hickory

5 Inch #1 Natural Hickory

Hickory Stairs






Reclaimed Red Oak

There are about as many kinds of distressed floors as there are individual tastes.    We have clients ask about distressed floors all the time, nearly weekly.  My most used comment about distressed floors is, “One person’s distressing is another person’s destruction”.    A lot of people, in past years myself included, would just cringe at the thought of a distressed or beat up floor.  But distressed floors have become very popular in the past few years, and we’ve done our share of them.

They come in every form.   From what I would call a “light distressing” which would include some “worm hole” looking areas, a few deep natural looking scratches, and various dents and dings.  To a wholesale hand scraping, which we have done quite a bit of, and that has it’s own section on the website.  There are saw mark distresses, and what we call “ship’s deck” which is done with a chisel or a gouge, and takes out a pretty good chunk of wood here and there.

I would also include the “reclaimed” wood in this category.   We have access to suppliers that have wood that has been reclaimed out of old barns or factories that have a special patina that you just can’t get with what most would call “new wood”.    This type of material can get very expensive, mainly just because of supply and demand….or mainly just supply, because there is a very limited quantity of this material around.  These types of floors really give the client a floor that is truly unique however.

Skip Sawn Hickory

Skipsawn Hickory

Sawn Douglas Fir


Ship's Deck Hickory


Ship's Deck Hickory

Antique Oak

Antique Oak

Hand Scraped Cherry