New Hand-Scraped Hickory Floor




We recently installed and finished this beautiful 7 Inch hickory hand-scraped hardwood floor in a beautiful home near Gamaliel, AR, constructed by Ozark Custom Country Homes.  The floor has no stain, just a natural oil based finish to let the beauty of the wood show through.

Hope you enjoy the pictures of this one of a kind unique floor.

Beautiful Hand Scraped Floor near Danville Arkansas

We Recently installed and finished a Wide Plank Hand Scraped White Oak floor in a beautiful home near Danville, AR.   The floor was rustic white oak, mixed width 6,7 and 8 inch wide planks.   The floor was finished with a Minwax Jacobean color and oil based finish.  You can see by the pictures, the floor turned out very nice.











5 Inch Hand Scraped Pine

5 Inch Hand Scraped Pine Floor near Yellville, Arkansas

Early American Stain

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5 Inch Rustic Hand Scraped Cherry

Pictures of a 5 Inch Rustic Cherry Hand Scraped floor Near Danville, Arkansas

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Hand Scraped “Heart” Hickory Floor


These are photos of a Hand Scraped “Heart Hickory” floor that we did in Texas in 2009.   Heart Hickory is hickory that has been graded out at the mill has 100% Heart wood.  It is the “brown part” of the hickory, so there is no white wood whatsoever.    In some cases, it nearly looks like walnut, but is just a bit lighter in color.  It is also very hard, even more hard that standard hickory in general, because the “heartwood” of hickory is harder than the sapwood.

In 2009, a good friend of mine who is also in the Hardwood Flooring business in Kerrville, Texas, had to have a hip replacement, and needed our help on this special 3000 Square Foot project.   We scraped this floor in our shop, hauled it to Texas, and installed and finished in a few days.   This is a special “heart” hickory, that only contains the dark wood from the hickory, none of the white wood.  It is a very hard wood, and more uniform in color than standard hickory.  This turned out to be a beautiful floor, in a beautiful home.




Hand Scraped

Hand Scraped Walnut













In 2006 we started doing Hand-Scraped wood floors. Now these distressed floors are some of the most popular floors that we do. Since these floors are scraped and textured by hand, no two floors are alike and they are all very beautiful. These are all hand scraped and textured in our shop before they are installed. They are all done by hand, one board at a time.

Some installers scrape a floor after it is installed. Scraping after installation means that you scrape across the joints of the boards, making each board blend together and basically look like a big sheet of uneven plywood when you’re done which is not a desirable look. We work with each board individually, and get the definition of each board in the floor that you are looking for. The floor has to be immediately finished after installation to protect the floor.

Our hand scraped floors start at about $ 7.00 per Square foot, installed and finished, for Rustic Pine up to about $12.00 per square foot for Walnut or Cherry.


We can also provide flooring with other textures such as wire-brushed, circle sawn, skip sawn, etc. If you are looking for something a little different than the plain smooth floor, give us a call or send an e-mail today.   Be sure and check out all the pictures of hand-scraped floors all over our site.

Hand Scraped Walnut Floor

Hand Scraped Walnut Floor

Hand Scraped White Oak