Mid Winter 2014 Update

Mid Winter Update — Current Schedule and outlook as of 1/14/2014.

We’ve really had some cold nasty weather lately.   We’ve actually missed about 8 days so far this winter because of the weather, and that’s really unusual for us.  We were just about to get back to normal after being so far behind thru the fall, and then the winter hit with a vengeance.   So we’re back to “catch up” mode now.

2013 turned out to be the best year since 2007 for us.   Seems like the housing market started to come back just a bit, and opening some new markets in the central Arkansas area has really helped to keep our business steady over the past year or two.   Hand scraped and textured floors have become very popular as well, and we do some of the nicest and most unique textured floors in the business.  Our hand scraped have been very popular in 2013 and we did several of these floors in very nice homes in central Arkansas.

One thing for sure, 2013 was the hardest year to find floor that I’ve seen in the 20 years we’ve been in business.  Many specific widths, grades and species of wood have just been “out” or at least 3-6 month’s out in production.  White Oak and Hickory have been the scarcest, and it seems they’ve really been the most popular floors for the past year or two also.  Hickory has always been popular, and since dark floors have really been “in” for the past couple years, white oak has been scarce as well because it stains to a nice rich dark color.   We use several different regional suppliers of floor, and it’s been the same for all of them.

The reason for this shortage was the fact that the housing market has been so slow since the crash of 2008-9, many companies who produce hardwood went completely out of business.  The ones who stayed in business have had a hard time this past year keeping up with the increased demand.   Some of this is still going on, but it seems to be easing just a bit with the normal winter slowdown.

We’re getting a good steady stream of calls and know of several projects coming up thru the early spring and summer already.  If you are interested in having wood floors done in the next 6 months, please call us as soon as possible and let us quote your project.  We can order your floor early and our suppliers will hold the order and fill it when the wood is available.   We can put you on the waiting list and will work you in as soon as possible.   Hopefully 2014 will be as busy as 2013 has been.   Call us today!!



1-26-2013 Update

We finished 2012  with  84 completed projects,  totaling  104,000   Square Feet of floor installed, sanded and finished or refinished, up about 5% from 2011, down about 18% from 2008, our best year ever, but not too bad considering the still fairly dismal housing industry.   Building is still pretty slow, so we’re definitely having to drive more and cover more area to stay completely busy.   We drove about 80,000 miles in 2012, so we’re doing our part keeping the oil companies in business.

The whole year was fairly steady.   But it always seems to get busier near the end of the year, and this year was no exception     It seems like lots of homeowners are wanting to do some remodeling and upgrading of their existing home or adding on,  instead of building a new one.   That is great, because upgrading the floors will really make a difference in the value of your home.  It seems like 2013 is starting out well so far, because as of right now, we’re about 5-6 weeks behind, and have two very nice hand scraped floors we’re currently working on.  Inquiries seem to be stable,  averaging about  4-5  per week, which is a lot better than in 2009-10, when there were periods the phone just wasn’t ringing because the uncertain economy had everyone a bit worried.

We are getting more and more inquiries about hand scraped flooring all the time, and recently finished several new hand scraped floors.   Hand scraped floors comprised about 22% of our business in 2012, passing the 20% mark for the first time.   We completed several new hand scraped jobs in 2012, and we just posted pictures of a new hand scraped hickory floor that we recently completed near the Mountain Home area.   We also have several other hand scraped floors that we haven’t as yet taken pictures of that we will post soon.  We also provide the hand scraped floors for Llanorado Hardwood Floors near Kingsland, TX. You can visit their website at www.llanoradohardwoodfloors.com.

Our hand scraped floors are much more unique than most, as many people who do hand-scraped, install the floors first, then try to scrape them after they’ve already been installed. When you do this, you lose the unique definition of each board and the floor ends up looking like a damaged piece of plywood (In my opinion).   We actually hand scrape each individual board in our shop, which means busting each bundle, hand scraping the face of the board, easing the edges by hand, and hand sanding each board before re-bundling for shipment to the job. The boards are installed and immediately finished on site. This means you’re floor will be totally unique, and no two hand scraped floors that we do are alike.

The housing slowdown has affected everyone in the home industry. We have been blessed however, and are still working, along with building homes and cabins thru our sister company, Ozark Custom Country Homes.    We recently completed a new log home in Omaha, AR, and a beautiful log siding home in Gamaliel, AR as well.   We are in the process of finishing a unique antique log cabin near Mt. Judea, and a custom conventional home in Marshall, AR.   We have more projects on the horizon for 2013 as well.

If you plan to do some wood floor in your new or existing home, give us a call as soon as possible to get on our list. Thanks a bunch.